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Harrisonburg Family Practice is committed to providing compassionate, patient-centered, high quality care that is available to patients from children through adulthood.  Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will always strive to provide exceptional care to all of our patients of all ages.

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Medical Care

We care for the whole person, see the complexity of each person’s life, and believe that addressing a broad range of human needs is the best way to improve a person’s health.

Care Programs

Whether patients are sick or just in need of an annual physical, our Family Practice doctors are concerned with the total healthcare of patients

Medical Services


Complete array of pediatric and adult immunizations, including flu shots


Family Physicians are trained to care for patients through all phases of their lives, from neonatal and pediatric patients through geriatric patients and everything in between.


Dr. Jesteadt at Harrisonburg Family Practice has been performing vasectomies in the outpatient clinic setting for over a decade.


We have a laboratory in house.  This allows us to obtain information quickly that we need to care for you, and it conveniently saves you from the time and hassle of having to go to another facility to have blood drawn.


1831 Reservoir Street, Harrisonburg, VA

(540) 433-9151

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Jeffrey Ashby, MD

Undergraduate: College of William and Mary; Medical School: Eastern Virginia Medical School; Residency: Carillion Roanoke Family Medicine; Practice Interests: Pediatrics, endocrinology, neurologic disorders; Personal interests: military history, learning the world from my kids’ perspective, UNC basketball; At Harrisonburg Family Practice since 1996..

Gregory Jesteadt, MD

Undergraduate: Penn State; Medical School: University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine; Residency: University of Virginia; Practice Interests: full-scope family medicine including pediatrics, adolescent medicine, dermatology, women’s health, vasectomy, screening and diagnostic colonoscopy; Personal interests: my  children, golf, fishing, hunting, skiing, good novels; At Harrisonburg Family Practice since 2006..

A. Christian Iudica, MD

Undergraduate: James Madison University; Medical School: University of Maryland School of Medicine; Residency: University of Virginia; Practice Interests: diabetes, joint injections, IUD insertion, cardiovascular disease, pediatrics, office surgery; Personal interests: fitness, family, travel, golf; At Harrisonburg Family Practice since 2001.

Kathleen Iudica, MD

Undergraduate: University of Maryland; Medical School: University of Maryland School of Medicine; Residency: University of Virginia; Practice Interests: women’s health, preventive medicine; Personal interests: running, reading, cooking; At Harrisonburg Family Practice since 2001.

Deborah Nio, MD

 Undergraduate: University of Virginia; Medical School: VCU-Medical College of Virginia; Residency: Medical College of Virginia Hanover Family Medicine Residency; Practice interests: women’s health, pediatrics; Personal interests: cooking, reading; At Harrisonburg Family Practice since 1999.

Dr. J. Michael Syptak, MD

Undergraduate: Johns Hopkins University; Medical School: University of Virginia School of Medicine; Residency: Medical College of Virginia Hanover Family Medicine Residency; Practice interests: geriatrics, preventive care; Personal interests: art, painting, fishing; At Harrisonburg Family Practice since 1999.

George Weidig, MD

Undergraduate: University of Richmond; Medical School: VCU-Medical College of Virginia; Residency: Medical College of Virginia; Practice Interests: full scope family medicine; Personal interests: music, sailboating, trap/skeet shooting; At Harrisonburg Family Practice since 1976, and he is one of the founding partners..

Amanda M. Loucks, MD

Dr. Louks did her undergraduate studies at The University of Virginia, medical school training at Eastern Virginia Medical School, and residency at The University of Virginia.  Her practice interests include women’s health, pediatrics, and preventive medicine.  Some of her personal interests include spending time with her family, gardening, and crafts especially fusing glass jewelry.  She has been with Harrisonburg Family Practice since 2014.


 Colonoscopy is the ‘gold standard’ for colon cancer screening.  A patient should have a colonoscopy for colon cancer screening if: a) they are over 50 years old, b) are over 40 years old and have at least one first degree relative (sibling, parent, child) with a diagnosis of colon cancer, or two second degree relatives (cousin, aunt/uncle, grandparent, niece/nephew) with a diagnosis of colon cancer.  Dr. Jesteadt has been performing this procedure safely for over a decade, and he far exceeds published guidelines for quality parameters.  He performs the procedure on Friday mornings at Shenandoah Memorial Hospital in Woodstock, VA.  If you meet criteria for this life saving procedure, schedule an informative pre-procedure consultation with with Dr. Jesteadt.

IUD Insertion

The intrauterine device, or IUD, is a highly reliable and well tolerated form of birth control.  Two general types of IUD are in use today, the copper IUD (Paragard) and hormone-eluting IUD (Mirena). The copper IUD allows for regular menstruation and provides reliable pregnancy contraception for 10 years.  The Mirena IUD is a hormone-releasing device that, for over 90% of women, prevents menstrual periods from occurring after the first year, and also provides reliable pregnancy contraception for 5 years.

joint injections

 Injecting a joint affected by osteoarthritis with anti-inflammatory medications (corticosteroids) can relieve pain symptoms and improve function.  If deemed clinically appropriate, your physician at Harrisonburg Family Practice will provide this service, especially for the larger joints such as knees, hips, and shoulders.

Biopsy and skin removal

Lesions on the skin that are either growing in size, changing in color, or both should be biopsied to ensure that a severe underlying problem such as skin cancer is not the cause.  Moderate sized cysts under the skin surface can also be removed for either cosmetic or functional improvement.  We also remove unsightly skin tags.

pulmonary function testing

 If an underlying reason for a chronic cough or shortness of breath is suspected, we have the ability to test for the presence of asthma, and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD, emphysema and chronic bronchitis) right in the clinic.  The ability to make these diagnoses promptly provides your doctor with the ability to immediately administer the proper medical management for your condition.


Many of the fractures of the hands, feet, arms, lower legs and ankles can be casted and managed by the physicians at Harrisonburg Family Practice without the need for a referral to an orthopedic specialist. 

no scalpel vasectomy

Vasectomy is a permanent, safe, and relatively inexpensive form of contraception. It is a procedure that simply prevents the sperm produced by a man’s testicles from making their way into his body to become part of the ejaculate released during orgasm, safeguarding him and his female partner from unplanned pregnancy. Unlike the tubal ligation procedure for females, which is performed in the operating room in the hospital under general anesthesia, vasectomy is safely performed in clinic under local anesthesia. It is much less expensive and has fewer and less severe complications than female tubal ligation . Vasectomy is not castration; nothing is done to the man’s testicles, and there is no direct effect on the man’s male hormone production, sexual function, voice, or any other aspects of his ‘manhood’.

Having this procedure done in a private office setting can have significant economic benefits. As described above it avoids the greater costs and complications associated with female tubal ligation, it avoids the ongoing costs of other forms of contraception (‘the pill’, condoms, etc.), and it also avoids ‘facility fees’ which are charged by hospital systems. These ‘facility fees’ alone are many times the total cost if the procedure is otherwise performed in a private office. The cost of having a vasectomy performed at Harrisonburg Family Practice is similar to that of a female IUD insertion, however a vasectomy is permanent.

Dr. Jesteadt at Harrisonburg Family Practice has been performing vasectomies in the outpatient clinic setting for over a decade since completing his residency training at the University of Virginia. Men who are interested in having the procedure performed should call Harrisonburg Family Practice at (540) 433-9151 to schedule an informative pre-operative consultation with him.


When one of our female patients has an abnormal pap test at Harrisonburg Family Practice, there is no need for her to be referred to a specialist in another clinic for further testing, a procedure called colposcopy.  Colposcopic examinations are provided here at the women’s convenience nearly every day of the week