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1831 Reservoir Street,

Harrisonburg, VA 22801

Phone (540) 433-9151

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Vasectomy is a permanent, safe, and relatively inexpensive form of contraception. It is a procedure that simply prevents the sperm produced by a man’s testicles from making their way into his body to become part of the ejaculate released during orgasm, safeguarding him and his female partner from unplanned pregnancy. Unlike the tubal ligation procedure for females, which is performed in the operating room in the hospital under general anesthesia, vasectomy is safely performed in clinic under local anesthesia. It is much less expensive and has fewer and less severe complications than female tubal ligation . Vasectomy is not castration; nothing is done to the man’s testicles, and there is no direct effect on the man’s male hormone production, sexual function, voice, or any other aspects of his ‘manhood’.

Having this procedure done in a private office setting can have significant economic benefits. As described above it avoids the greater costs and complications associated with female tubal ligation, it avoids the ongoing costs of other forms of contraception (‘the pill’, condoms, etc.), and it also avoids ‘facility fees’ which are charged by hospital systems. These ‘facility fees’ alone are many times the total cost if the procedure is otherwise performed in a private office. The cost of having a vasectomy performed at Harrisonburg Family Practice is similar to that of a female IUD insertion, however a vasectomy is permanent.

Dr. Jesteadt at Harrisonburg Family Practice has been performing vasectomies in the outpatient clinic setting for over a decade since completing his residency training at the University of Virginia. Men who are interested in having the procedure performed should call Harrisonburg Family Practice at (540) 433-9151 to schedule an informative pre-operative consultation with him.

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